IN PRODUCTION: TV Producer Bess Carrick’s latest documentary chronicles the life of Leah Chase, a New Orleans icon and doyenne of Creole culture. In New Orleans Leah Chase is as well known as any jazz musician or long time politician. She has overseen the evolution of her famous dining spot from a sandwich shop that prospered during segregation to a fine dining restaurant filled with her impressive African American art collection.  During the Civil Rights movement the leadership found great friends and supporters in Leah & Dooky Chase. Strategies were devised in the upstairs dining room she devoted to their planning sessions. When describing her memories of those pivotal times she says, “I like to think we changed the world over a bowl of gumbo.” Honored by chefs, philanthropists, humanitarians, and civil rights activists Leah Chase has received awards and commendations for her efforts that have furthered the awareness of New Orleans culture, Creole cuisine and African American Art.