The Lakefront Airport terminal in New Orleans is undergoing a complete restoration returning the building to its original Art Deco appearance and grandeur.  Filmmaker Bess Carrick’s documentary, Return Flight, chronicles the restoration of one of the very few remaining Art Deco terminal buildings left in the United States. Stories and film highlighting New Orleans’ role in aviation history from the charismatic champion racing pilots to the brilliant aircraft designers who created state of the art designs for our WW II aircraft supremacy will be featured.

As the terminal undergoes its complete transformation Richard Stewart, Premier Source, and Clyde Martin, American Tile and Terrazzo,  will restore all the marble walls and columns, the terrazzo floor and unique mosaics using marble specific diamond honing techniques and special grinding applications for the terrazzo.  Southern Stucco will match and recreate the beautiful aviation themed WPA styled plaster and decorative elements that appear throughout the lobby and atrium ceilings. These artifacts are unusual because they depict tools used to build aircraft and the dials and gauges from the early days of aviation. A special off site sequence at Camman Industries takes the audience through the complete fabrication of the very rare pendulum chandeliers that will illuminate the lobby.

Architect Alton Ochsner Davis, with Richard C. Lambert Consultants, who is the chief architect for the Lakefront Airport project, will take viewers on a historical tour of the airport’s extraordinary beginnings under the direction of Huey P. Long and Abe Shushan. Alton’s passion for this project infuses our film’s story. The completion of this Art Deco jewel is the most interesting of all the building ventures to come out of the devastation of hurricane Katrina. To view the trailer for this film go to this link:

Carrick joins with Jim Land, John Barousse, Jeffrey Talbot and WLAE, the New Orleans affiliate for Louisiana Public Broadcasting – PBS, in the creation of this hour long documentary for television.

To be featured in the opening visual credits of this film as a major sponsor and to receive a tax deductible contribution by our 501-c-3, Educational Broadcasting Foundation, interested corporations and individuals may reach Producer, Bess Carrick, by calling 504-202-1504 or by filling out the information box below.

The filmmakers give a heartfelt thanks to Jimmy Robinson and Flightline First at the Lakefront Airport for their generous contributions to the making of the film. The producers acknowledge the wisdom and hard work of the Non Flood Protection Asset Management Authority commissioners who created the opportunity for this historic building to be returned to commerce as it once again serves the people of New Orleans and the lucky visitors who arrive by air.